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Liebe LBTler,

Wir suchen für unsere Firma "Revo Foods" ( gerade eine/n LebensmitteltechnologIn mit Erfahrung in plant-protein texturization und meat alternatives. Siehe Jobbeschreibung auf Englisch unten. Wir sind auch für Praktikanten/Masterarbeiten offen!


Join us for Food Science / Product Development

Early Adopters and Innovators, listen up! Do you want to work for a better world and cleaner oceans? Do you also think we need a better way to produce food for future generation? Work on something that has a huge impact (and is awesome) with REVO FOODS!
We at Revo Foods believe in a world where we can produce fish and meat without polluting the environment or exploiting animals. How we do it? By using 3D Food Printing of plant-based meats. With this technology, we produce the "fish of tomorrow", without overfishing or bycatch of whales and dolphins. Sounds like the future? Yes, and we are making this future possible with your help!

What we are looking for:
A Food Product Development specialist that supports us on the development of our plant-based seafood products. Your tasks among others would be:

- Test different ingredient and product formulations for plant-based salmon and tuna
- Use 3D Food Printing to test different formulations
- Read scientific literature and improve our product formulation
- Support on printer design for ideal protein texturization parameters
- Optimize nutritional content, taste, flavor profile and texture
- Food analysis with different methods (texture analysis, color measurement, water holding capacity, expiration date...)
- Communication with suppliers, third-party providers

Who you are:
- Living in Vienna or ready to move here (voted most livable city in the world for 10 consecutive years)
- 3+ years of experience in the food industry
- Experience with plant-protein texturization, high moisture extrusion, or 3D food printing
- Previous startup-experience preferred
- Strong dedication and impact-driven
- Independent and hungry for success
What we do for you:
- Amazing work environment and work on something that makes the world better
- Competitive salary
- Flexible working hours
- Perks: Free coffee, lunches and free yearly ticket for public transport system in Vienna

A fascinating working environment in a dynamic start-up awaits you!
Apply with your resume and motivation letter. We are looking forward to getting to know you!

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