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LBT - Lebensmittel und Biotechnologie • Thema anzeigen - Prüfungsfragen 18.05.2021
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Today’s exam in Stem Cells and Tissue Engineering:
60% in each of the three parts are required to be positive.

Part Wolbank
1) Name two epigenetic modifications
2) MSCs: mode of action, regenerative medicine, how can they be characterized in vitro?
3) Stem cell niche: name 3 parameters/factors
4) Advanced therapeutic medicinal product (ATMP): minimally manipulated? When is a product substantially manipulated?
5) Which cells are used for vascular tissue engineering? (I guess this was a question of Prof. Holnthoner)

Part Hafner
10 single choice questions, choose the “most correct" answer
1) Which statement about innate immunity is incorrect?
a) Germline encoded, non-clonal receptor
b) Responses in days and weeks
c) No memory
d) Limited diversity

2) In what are oligodendrocytes & Schwann cells involved?
a) Myelin formation
b) Produce substances that are trophic to neurons
c) Maintain the appropriate concentration of ions
d) Maintain the appropriate concentration of neurotransmitters

3) Gap junctions:
a) Provide contact between cells for direct passage of small molecules
b) Provide a barrier to movement of proteins in cell membranes
c) Hold cells together
d) Attach cells to basal lamina
4) What is immunological tolerance?
Unresponsiveness to an antigen that is induced by previous exposure to that antigen

5) Which statement is incorrect about re- epithelialization:
a) Re-epithelialization of a wound begins within hours after injury by the movement of epithelial cells from the surrounding epidermis over the denuded surface
b) Migration epithelial cells markedly alter their phenotype by retracting their intercellular filaments, dissolving most of their desmosomes and forming peripheral actin filaments
c) These migrating cells also undergo dissolution of their hemidesmosomal links between the epidermis and the dermis
d) Something like: the phenotype of the keratinocytes is indistinguishable from normal, mature keratinocytes

6) Which statement is incorrect about the epidermis?
Something like: epidermis contains Langerhans cells, macrophages and dendritic cells

7) Which statement is incorrect about the secondary antibody response?
a) Isotypic switch happens in presence of antigen
b) IgM involved in primary response
c) Secondary antibodies are produced in the blood
d) Secondary response is stronger than primary

8) What is involved in autoimmunity?
Something with suppressor cells

9) Which statement about graft versus host disease is incorrect?
Natural Killer cells are involved

10) Epimorphic regeneration
Formation of a regeneration blastema

Part Kasper
1) Describe the principal mechanism of salt leaching, gas foaming, electrospinning
2) Describe 4 biomaterials, their origin, type of classification, characteristics and applications
3) Describe 3 different bioreactor systems/cultivation systems/feeding strategies, name properties and differences and an example of each
4) What are the main differences between membrane vesicles and secreted vesicles?
5) Describe uptake mechanisms of EVs
The last two questions were part of the guest lectures.

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