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Prüfung Biopolymers 11.01.2018
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Sie gibt vor wie lang die Antwort sein soll & will auch nicht mehr haben, meistens nur eine Zeile
1) (1 point per subpoint)
a. What properties of xylan can be detected (-oder irgendein anderes Wort) with Fehlig’s reaget?
b. What kid of reaget is Fehlig’s?
c. What reagent shows the same reaction?
d. Name two other polypers with similar behaviour.
2) What does not fit? Brief description why (2 points) Xylan Cellulose Glucose Alginate Glucose Starch
3) ?
4) a. What PS is this? (0.5 points) (es waren 3 Einheiten mit M – G – M beschriftet)
b. Name the parts & describe the polymer (bonds, residues, etc.). 5 parts are missing (2,5 points)
5) Hyrdocolloids do’t for gels.
a. Gelling mechanisms? (3 Points)
b. Give to one gelling mechanism an example (1 point)
6) False & true statements about Hemicelluloses (8; 0,5points/statement)
7) How is Nanofibrillated cellulose produced? (3 points)
a. What are the challanges?
b. How can this challenges be overcomed?
8) Chitin & Chitosan - are they water soluble? Which structural & molecular properties are responsible for that?
9) „ priciples of gree cheestry“. What do they state i desiig ew products & processes. Do no give the 12 principles but rather summarize them in 3 sentences. (4 Zeilen zum Antworten) (4 points?)
10) Give the 4 main differances in properties of cellulose & alginate (4 points) Properties Cellulose Alginate
11) Figure of gelenization of Starch in different T-stages: Describe the phenomenon of gelenization of starch. (2 points?)
12) Argue about Nanocellulose as edible food coating (5 Zeilen zum Antworten) (4 points?)

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Jänner 2021, mündlich:

1.) Favourite polymer

2.) L-idose in Harworth-formation

3.) Xylan, Cellulose, Stärke, Chitosan - Which doesn't fit

4.) Recognizing and explaining Chitosan

5.) Cellulose - from wood to T-shirt - how, what has to be considered

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