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5 fragen, 1 h zeit -> ma kann nur überblick geben

-) Discuss the enzymes involved in cellulose degradation
-) "Plastics", sort them by origin and fate in environment + 1 example each (biological, oil, synthetic, ... ; biodegradable, undegradable)
-) differenece, advantages and disadvantages of 1st and 2nd gen biofuels
-) 2 examples of enzyme based bioremediation
-) dicuss and give an example of co-metabolization in bioremediation

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 Beitrag Verfasst: 27.02.2015, 19:24 
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Hat noch jemand Prüfungsfragen von vergangenen Klausuren oder Tipps zur Prüfung? Wäre prima! Ich kann einfach nicht einschätzen, welche Reaktionswege jetzt wichtiger sind.:/

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 Beitrag Verfasst: 02.03.2015, 17:10 

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Sinngemäß die Prüfungsfragen vom 2.3.2015
1 Describe the Enzymes involved in Cellulose degradation
2 Microbial steps in biogas formation
3 Discuss the biotechnological relevant steps in the production of 2nd generation biofuels (er meinte man soll alle prozessschritte beschreiben, die was mit biotechnologie zu tun haben)
4 Describe the degradation of anthracene and bromoxynil
5 List five applications of enzymes for products of lignocellulosic material
6 Describe applications of bioremediation and the rationale for selecting the method of choice

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 Beitrag Verfasst: 27.04.2015, 13:38 

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Prüfungsfragen 27.4.15

6 Fragen, ich weiß sie nicht mehr im Detail:

1.)production of first generation Bioethanol and Biodiesel (espacialy enzymes).
2.)Describe 3 biobased Polymers
3.)Name the Enzymes of natural Lignin degeneration
4.)Explain In situ Processes
5.)Enzymatic/biological degeneration of Bromoxynil and Anthrance
6.)List Enzymatic steps in textile Processing

mfg Calcium isotope

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 Beitrag Verfasst: 22.09.2016, 10:32 

Registriert: 13.10.2014, 17:17
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zwei gruppen, je 7 fragen

1) 2nd Generation Bioethanol (biotechnol. relevant steps)
2) Biodiesel and utilization of byproducts
3) bioplastics (origin and fate in the environment) with examples
4) comparison of strategies/methods for bioremediation of contaminated air
5) Enzymes in sustainable textile processing
6) Degradation of Cellulose and Hemicellulose in nature
7) low-price and high-price products from photo-autotrophic organisms (explain one example each)

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 Beitrag Verfasst: 12.06.2017, 18:24 

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prüfung von heute (12.6.17) Gruppe B

1. different bioreactors for biogas production. pros and cons
2. 5 applications of enzymes for lignocellulose processing
3. 2 examples of bioremediation enzymes
4. photoautotroth orgamisn for low- and high cost production (organism, strategies for culturing)
5. bio-PET. how can you produce it? example for the plastic bottles
6. enzymes for starch based biofuel production and what is their function
7. enzymes for natural degradation of cellulose and hemicellulose

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 Beitrag Verfasst: 03.10.2017, 09:39 

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Hier die Fragen der Gruppe 2 vom Termin am 2.10.2017

Nicht 100% vollständig:

1. Lignin degration Enzymes in nature
2. 2nd generation Bioethanol
3. Biotechnological methods of air pollution remediation
4. Production of PET and use
5. Enzymes in the production of pulp and paper
6. Microalgae, how to cultivate them and pro and cons of open/closed systems
7. Biodiesel and its biotechnological sources and how to use the side stream products.

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 Beitrag Verfasst: 11.03.2019, 12:03 

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Mal ein kleines update weil die letzten posts schon länger her sind.

Gruppe A 11.3.2019

1) Discuss advantages/disadvantages 1st and 2nd gen biofuels
2) Furan based polymer, production and uses
3) Describe enzymatic processes of pulp and paper industry
4) Biotechnologic processes for air cleaning
5) Which Biotechnologic processes can be used for Biodiesel production and side-stream usage
6) Describe enzymatic degradation processes of Lignin
7) List Photoautotrophic organisms + atleast one product each

also mir persönlich etwas unangenehme prüfung, weil sie fragen sehr wage gestellt sind und ich nicht klar ist was er jetzt hören will bzw. manche Fragen sind mir ein Rätsel wie man die mit den Folien alleine lösen soll (zB 5.)

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 Beitrag Verfasst: 17.12.2019, 15:03 

Registriert: 23.05.2013, 17:45
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Prüfung vom 16.12.2019:

.) Name three polymers of microbial origin and discuss their structure and use

.) Give an overview on open and closed micro algae cultivation methods regarding their advantages and disadvantages

.) Describe two bio-remediation methods for metal contamination in soil

.) Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of different types of bio reactors for bio gas production

.) List different applications of enzymes in the pulp and paper industry

.) Describe the structure and degradation of cellulose and hemi-cellulose and the according enzymes

.) Differences, advantages and disadvantages of 1st and 2nd generation bio fuels

In general, the questions are very superficial and the time is very tight, so it is not possible to answer the questions deeply.

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 Betreff des Beitrags: Re: Prüfungsfragen
 Beitrag Verfasst: 09.07.2020, 20:27 

Registriert: 25.04.2015, 16:59
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Termin vom 8.7.20 zwei Gruppen hier von Gruppe A

Bekannte Fragen:
1.Enzymes in textile processing
2.Enzymes for natural Lignin degradation
3.polymers of microbial origin
4.2nd generation biofufuel production steps
5.4 methods for air cleaning

zwei eher neue Fragen:
6.Phytoremediation all methods and explanation
7.what is a platform molecule, how can you make/ optaine them, what to use them for and a example (D-Limonene from citrus piles by extraction with alcohol...)

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 Beitrag Verfasst: 24.11.2020, 14:16 

Registriert: 10.10.2015, 22:37
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1. 3 bio-based and biodegradable polymers and their use instead of fossil-based ones
2. What are platform molecules, how can they be obtained + one chemical example
3. Lignin-degrading enzymes and their function
4. 2 examples of enzyme remediation
5. Describe and compare bioreactors for biogas-formation (+advatages/disadvantages)
6. List classes of photoautotrophic organisms and list at least one product each

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 Beitrag Verfasst: 23.02.2021, 15:09 
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1) MOs Biogas production
2) platform molecules - describe chemical process of one
3) three value added products (lignin)
4) 3 biobased biodegradable plastics
5) how can metals be removed (bioremediation)
6) phyto bioremediation
7) photoautotrophic organisms and their products

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 Beitrag Verfasst: 07.04.2021, 13:57 

Registriert: 08.02.2016, 14:06
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Old questions but also:

What is the benefit of using Enzymes for plastic degredation?

What are the barriers for PLA use on the market?

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 Beitrag Verfasst: 24.01.2023, 14:19 

Registriert: 23.10.2021, 11:23
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Prüfungsfragen vom 16.01.2023

7 Fragen, 1 h, besser konkrete Antworten statt viel Text

1. 2nd generation bioethanol and production stages
2. compare the different types of biogas technology reactors, pros and cons
3. current limitations of PLA implementation
4. advantages of enzymes in plastic recycling
5. different strategies and selectioncriteria for bioremediation
6. 2 strategies for enzymatic functionalization of lignin and lignocellulose (paper and pulp)
7. definition of platform molecules and describe a biological process of choice to obtain such

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 Beitrag Verfasst: 03.05.2023, 09:59 
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24.4.2023 exam:

1. explain different strategies of bioremediation and the rationale behind their selection.
2. describe the principle of gas fermentation processes providing examples.
3. describe the various microbial steps invovled in the biogas production.
4. group "plastics" into four categories regarding their origin of their respective building blocks and their fate in the environment + one example each.
5. describe enzyme-based strategies for plastics recycling and their advantages.
6. describe the sequential "R" concepts for recycling
7. discuss the potential of laccase enzymes for four different sustainable processes.

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