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Current technologies for the production of meat analogues
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The production of protein foods should be significantly increased to accommodate the growth of the world population and its affluence in the coming decades. However, animal-derived products, especially meat, have a large impact on the environment in terms of water and land use, greenhouse gas emission, and energy consumption. To help consumers reduce their meat consumption, several strategies have been developed. One approach to reduce meat consumption is based on the development of structured products. Examples of traditionally structured products are tofu, tempeh, and seitan, which are produced and consumed in east Asia for centuries. Meat analogues are products that can replace meat in its functionality, being similar in product properties/sensory attributes, and that can also be prepared by consumers as if they were meat. The resemblance of these products to meat, in terms of texture, taste, appearance, and smell, is important for consumers that currently mostly choose meat. There are several strategies to mimic the texture of meat, which depends on the type of meat product that one wants to mimic. Most part of this Master thesis will consist on an extensive literature review of available technologies for the production of meat analogues. A small part of the thesis will consist of some practical work related to literature findings .


- Approximately 4 months of an extensive literature research and 2 months of practical work

- Thesis can be written in English or in German


- Start: Sept/Oct 2019

- Duration: 6 Months total

Location: Institute of Food Technology, BOKU

Language: English or German