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Intern - Food Scientist at Arkeon
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Mi 3 Aug 2022
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Arkeon GmbH

Intern - Food Scientist

About Arkeon

Arkeon is a food-technology company working to provide the most nutritious and best
tasting ingredients for the next generation of alternative protein products. The company’s
mission is to decouple food production from agriculture and climate by developing
technologies to convert CO2 into food ingredients. At Arkeon we turn the equation upside
down by using unique microorganisms capable of producing a versatile range of food
ingredients. We utilize the power of nature to transform a resource-intensive food industry
into a sustainable, low-emission system.

Your Role

We are looking for a highly motivated intern (m/f/x) for our Food Science Unit and a handson mindset to develop and take novel ingredients from applied research to product
development. You will be working with our Food Science unit to identify suitable
ingredients and integrate them in animal-free food products to create a superb taste and
texture. The ideal candidate will be self-directed, highly collaborative and enjoy working
with a team in a fast-paced startup environment.


● You have progress towards a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Food Science.
● You have interest in food product or food ingredient development using laboratory
● You are familiar with experimental design, statistical data analysis and interpretation
of results
● You execute, and report experimental work to identify suitable ingredients to
produce food products.
● You have excellent interpersonal, verbal and written technical communication skills,
e.g. making presentations and writing technical reports.
● You think and work independently while collaborating with others in a team-based
● You are passionate about the mission of transforming the global food system and
dedicated to making a positive impact on the way the world eats.
● Support work projects, working both independently and collaboratively with others,
to meet project timelines and deliverables.
● Conduct literature searches and collect information for the development of food or
beverage prototypes.
● Work with team members to design, conduct and analyze trials and experimental
● Maintain a clean, safe work environment. Follow established guidelines and safety
● Present new ingredients post-processing, project status, updates and outcomes to


● Be a currently enrolled student in a Bachelor's or Master's Program.
● Having research experience in the production of alternative protein food products is
a plus.
● Strong analytical and conceptual skill set to analyze experimental data and derive
actionable insight.
● Hands-on personality, team-play-spirit and efficient self-time management
● Passionate about food, health, nutrition, and sustainability
● Fluent in English

Culture Fit & Impact

● Understands how to work in a rapidly growing start-up
● Able to deal effectively with ambiguity and changing priorities
● Thrives under pressure and desires to learn and grow
● Mission-driven and interested in transforming the food industry

Additional Information

Arkeon values diversity. We welcome all applicants - regardless of gender, nationality,
ethnic and social origin, religion/belief, physical abilities, age, sexual orientation and identity.

Please submitt your application through the link in the attached PDF.