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Identification of possible mutagenic substances in recycled packaging materials and printing inks with in vitro bioassays
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Mo 3 Jul 2023
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FH Campus Wien

Within the FFG project SafeCycle, in vitro bioassays are used to support chemical analysis for an improved safety assessment of toxicologically relevant substances. The current focus of the project is the identification of possible mutagenic contaminations in recycled packaging materials and additives such as printing inks. For this purpose, the Ames Test has proven to be the most sensitive method for the detection of direct DNA-reactive substances. For this, different stages of the recycling process are analysed to better identify possible post-consumer contaminants and degradation products in polymer recyclate samples such as PE and PP. If you are interested, additional info can be found in the link below:

After an intensive training phase, the following tasks will be performed:
• Analysis of polymer recyclate samples and printing inks with the Ames test
• Simulating recycling processes including worst-case scenarios such as thermal treatment of printed foils
• Conducting migration experiments of different packaging materials
• Preparation of culture media and general laboratory work
• Independent experimental work and evaluation of the results
• Optional: Use of in silico toxicity tools for the identification of possible contaminations

• Currently studying for a Master’s degree in natural sciences (Biotechnology, Food Technology, Safety in the Food Chain, Chemistry, Microbiology, Molecular biology, etc.)
• Pleasure in working in the laboratory
• Ability to carry out analyses and experiments independently and on your own responsibility
• The language of the master thesis can be in German or English (as you prefer)

• Minor employment during the master thesis (approx. 500€/month)
• Planned duration: 8 months of practical work
• Start: possible from September 2023

Place of employment:
FH Campus Wien, Department of Packaging Technology and Resource Management
1100 Wien, Favoritenstraße 222

Research staff: DI Lukas Prielinger (
Vienna, 03. July 2023