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Diploma Thesis: Determination of the microbiological activity in Biogas-Reactors
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Mi 13 Okt 2010
Boku Wien
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8-10 Monate

In the field of biogas production a lot of new innovative technologies were developed in the recent years. However, none of these technologies reveals or influences the workflows and activities of the microorganisms

The aim of this work is to develop a method to determine the activity of the methane-producing microorganisms in biogas plants through molecular biologic techniques in a quantitative way. By this, the influence of

Thus, this work makes a substantial contribution to the technological progress and the use of biogas as renewable energy source.

The project contains the following tasks:

- Development of the molecular biological method for measuring the microbial activity in biogas plants.

- Application study of the new developed analysis method: Using the new set-up in order to test the effect of micro-nutrients of the partner company on the bacterial activity


we are looking for someone with interest in microbiology and a molecular biology if you decide to work with us we give you the opportunity to work with dna and to run some pcr and qpcr and of course do a lot of other basic molecular methods like dna and rna pcr purification etc - in the div>and if that is not enough to convince you to contact i am inclined to say that we are a nice bunch of scientists and we even pay for your work not that it is of any interest for a real just to show you how nice we really p> 

So… come on! Look at the contact address, write me an e-mail and we can meet to talk about your dreams, wishes, the weather, the universe … and your bright future at the IFA Tulln.


Ingo Ambrosch

University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna

Dept. for Agrobiotechnology, IFA-Tulln

Institute for Environmental Biotechnology

Konrad Lorenz Strasse 20

3430 Tulln