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Solubility properties of recombinant antibodies for engineering recovery processes
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Fr 25 Feb 2011
Vienna, Vienna, Austria
BoKu/Department of Biotechnology/ Protein Technology Downstream
Sommer Ralf

A diploma / master thesis is offered on precipitation of recombinant antibodies at the Department of Biotechnology, Laboratory of Protein Technology and Downstream Processing.

Previously, we established a method for recombinant antibody precipitation and investigated in small scale stirring tank. Furthermore we investigated influences of different parameters (such as temperature, precipitant, concentration range of precipitant) on precipitation behaviour. Major task in the continuation of this project is the investigation of the solubility of recombinant antibodies and model proteins at different pH values with varying precipitating agents (PEG and functionalized PEG). The methodology includes quantitative protein purification, ultra filtration with a lab scale TFF system, selective precipitation of recombinant antibodies with different precipitating agents and quantification of recombinant antibodies with size exclusion chromatography, affinity chromatography and electrophoresis.

What we want: We are looking for a motivated student who aims at publishing the results of her/his master thesis in an international peer-reviewed journal, is experienced in laboratory work, wants to do research work beyond standard.

What we offer: A friendly and motivated research environment. The thesis is embedded in a big research programme with industrial collaboration. Expected duration is ca. 6 month.


Ralf Sommer

Phone: +43 1 47654 6821

Prof. Alois Jungbauer

Phone: +43 1 47654 6226

University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences

Department of Biotechnology

Laboratory of Protein Technology and Downstream Processing